Many people have asked that question, but few, if any, ever get the real answer.

Adventurer supreme, Doc Atlas, is a man of action and a seeker of truth who has dedicated his life to fighting for justice and equality as well as solving the seemingly unsolvable mysteries of the world. He is also a world-renown scientist, and inventor who strides like a colossus between the old world where myths and magic, unexplored jungles and unexplained legends collide with the new, ever-expanding world of science and wonder. Above all, Doc has dedicated his life to opposing those who prey upon the innocent.

Financially independent, due to a large inheritance bequeathed to him by his late father, Doc set up the Atlas Agency, located on the top floors of the Empire State Building in New York City. It is from his headquarters there that he continues his scientific endeavors and experiments to better the plight of mankind and fight injustice. With improvements on the brilliant inventions of his father and his own vast medical and scientific skills, he pushes the boundaries of science and medicine even further.

He is aided in his quest by his two life-long friends and comrades-in-arms, retired U.S. Army Colonel Thomas “Mad Dog” Deagan and retired USAAF Captain Edward “Ace” Assante. Initially recruited by Doc’s father to look after the “young Atlas,” both Deagan and Assante soon realized that Doc was a natural leader and fell into step behind him. All three served with distinction during World War II, and after the War Deagan and Assante continued their allegiance to the man known as the Golden Avenger.

A former boxer, Deagan’s well-honed military skills and connections make him a valuable member of Doc’s triumvirate. He’s also a whirling dervish in a fight with huge fists of stone and the first to charge into any room with guns blazing. Once an expert fencer, Assante is now a prominent New York attorney. He acquired his nickname, “Ace” as a pilot even before his daring exploits over Europe in World War II. On a bombing raid over Berlin, his plane took heavy fire and he took a piece of shrapnel in his knee, forcing him to walk with a cane; but its ebony exterior secretly houses a razor-sharp sword. A dead ringer for Errol Flynn, Ace’s good looks make him very popular with the ladies. Both of these men have pledged their friendship and allegiance to Doc Atlas and are ready to follow him to the ends of the earth on whatever adventure or crusade that ensures that good triumphs over evil.

Doc’s is sometimes joined by prize-winning female reporter, Penelope “Penny” Cartier. She has accompanied Doc and his crew on several globe-spanning missions and written about Doc’s fight for justice and his triumphs over unspeakable evil. Often restricted from divulging certain classified facts by the U.S. Government, Penny chronicles those adventures in a series of pulp novels featuring a fictitious globe-trotting guardian and his compatriots. These fictional characters, like Doc and his real-life counterparts, are always ready to put their lives on the line for liberty and justice.